Festival of Trees

We went to Festival of Trees on Saturday to watch my little four year old niece perform with her dance group. Brynn was really good at being on stage however, she decided that choreography was for the birds so she posed for pictures instead! Priceless! 

After the performance, we took Kade over to play games in the kid zone. He had so much fun! It's been a long time since he got one on one attention in a kid-friendly environment. He loves arts and crafts at preschool so he was in hog heaven. He asked me today if we could go back tomorrow... so cute. 

I wish we could have stayed all day but, we had to escape the awkwardness... Saturday was pretty much a big reunion. We saw Joe's entire family at the festival, which I partly expected since they go every year. It was nice to see them but, it was also a bittersweet reminder of how they have shunned us from their lives. Kinda stings but, if Joe and I have learned nothing else it's that we know who has our backs and who we can really call family. We saw and I talked to Joe's ex wife. I knew she was going to be there and we debated not going but, I figured that after three years we should all be over our differences.

Fun day all in all but, we were happy to come home and play games with some folks. Plus, I'm not sure I know anyone else that played hide and seek this weekend and had the kind of laughs that we had!! Love Jake and LeighAnne, yep I do!


Little Miss LeighAnne

Man how I love this lady... She informed me that she was a little crushed that I didn't mention her specifically on things I am thankful for post. Something only a true friend would confront you about. I could have justedited my last post but, she's definitely worthy of her own personal post so... here it goes my dear!!!

LA is my best friend (second to Yosef of course) but, she's not a normal best friend because she is my aunt too!! Lucky! She has taught me so much since the day she became my auntie. I've learned all about scrap-booking, Beavis and Butthead, the concept of cleaning up my messes, ALWAYS adding curling ribbon to a special gift, putting your hair in a headband before washing your face, taking a bath just to soak and not because you actually need a bath, laughing out loud is okay, volume control is not always a must, its okay to be an emotional eater, girl talk is so freaking fun, you're NEVER too old for slumber parties, crying in the middle of Target isn't embarrassing when you're with good company, some things that are funny to us are not funny AT ALL to other people (HUGO girl), basking in the sun for hours never gets old, being a sucky runner (in a loving way...) doesn't mean you can't play kickball, venting about our personal lives is beneficial and not negative, the list could go on and on but what I'm trying to say here is that I thank my lucky stars that Walter married this woman because if he didn't I wouldn't have someone to call my best friend, aunt and mommy #2!! Heart you LA. Hugo girl (inside joke).


70ish Things I'm Thankful For

Here we go, in no particular order...

First off, I'm thankful for marriage. I have someone to share my joys and sorrows, my hopes and dreams, my silly thoughts and deep ones and to be that person to someone else is powerful.
I'm thankful that my husband is a devoted, wicked hot, vivacious man that still gives me butterflies.
I'm thankful that Joe is a marvelous father to Kade, Josie and Ron.
I'm thankful that my beau is our protector. I know that he'd do anything and everything for us.
I'm thankful for our pasts and the things we learned from them.
I'm thankful for my parents. They're bonkers (like me) but, I wouldn't trade them.
I'm thankful for my older sister because she is the reason I met my better half.
I'm thankful for our two precious babies because they made me a mother.
I'm thankful for our rotund, bed hogging, furry sweetheart of a chihuahua - Ronnie B.
I'm thankful for our huge, cozy bed and the arms I get wrapped around me when I'm in it.
I'm thankful for my vision. Without it, I wouldn't be able to admire all the pretty things in life.
I'm thankful for Kade's Grandma Rayanna, she is considerate, wise, giving and a total life saver.
I'm thankful for my Grandma Val for this gorgeous house which she has let us make all our own.
I'm thankful for my ding dong of an ex because he gave me my son.
I'm thankful for my intellect and sense of humor.
I'm thankful for our whole family...
I'm thankful for money and the fact that we have a little bit.
I'm thankful for our shaggin' wagon and the fact that it takes us from A to B and is 100% paid off.
I'm thankful that time repairs credit history.
I'm thankful I have a few friends that I'll have forever that will be there for me no matter what.
I'm thankful for Anthony because he taught me 'flo' and that life is a learning experience.
I'm thankful for being able to laugh at myself because I'm a giant doofus. Plus, laughing until you snort or almost pee is just funny, right?
I'm thankful that my family is in good health, knock on wood.
I'm thankful for sunshine, bikinis, tanning and swimming pools... Ahh, Summer hurry up!
I'm thankful for scars, they remind us of moments in time...
I'm thankful for pilates because this chicka refuses to do cardio.
I'm thankful for sleep and getting a little bit here and there.
I'm thankful I'm sensitive. Maybe too sensitive but, I'd rather be too sensitive than heartless. Tear.
I'm thankful for sugar. Enough said. Mmmm...
On that note, I'm thankful for dentists for fixing my cavities.
I'm thankful for kisses (even puppy ones) and hugs, there is nothing better than knowing you're loved.
I'm thankful for going with your gut instinct and not looking back.
I'm thankful for Spongebob Squarepants, Nintendo DS, Wii and Disney movies - sometimes mom just need a break... :)
I'm thankful that I'm a good person.
I'm thankful that I have an open mind.
I'm thankful for good doctors. They fix broken bones, deliver healthy babies and take monthly payments ;)
I'm thankful that I'm a good speller, I use complete sentences and I can write a professional e-mail without looking moronic.
I'm thankful for teachers that want our children to contribute to society and don't just teach for a paycheck.
I'm thankful for pacifiers, disposable diapers, swings, bouncers and Mylicon.
I'm thankful for bumps in the road because it usually means easier times are ahead.
I'm thankful for Black Friday because it gives me just one day a year to be irrational and spend frivolously.
I'm thankful for McDonalds. Sometimes, an order of chicken nuggets, a toy and some chocolate milk can save the day.
I'm thankful for Starbucks and Joe's caffeine sensitivity. Without them, he wouldn't be able to stay awake at night with Josie.
I'm thankful for humidifiers and popcicles for saving us hundreds of dollars and hours at Primary Children's.
I'm thankful for the internet. Without it, I couldn't stalk my family and friends.
I'm thankful for cell phones; especially ones with internet because sometimes a girls' gotta Google.
I'm thankful for Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Colbie Caillat and music in general.
I'm thankful for jeans. OMG I love jeans...
I'm thankful for indoor plumbing, washers, dryers and dishwashers. I might fail as a wife without them.
I'm thankful for movies and that Joe loves them as much a me.
I'm thankful for my hairdresser, Courtney.
I'm thankful for storage space at our house because I've got lots of crap... :)
I'm thankful for board games, card games and family game nights.
I'm thankful for front row parking spaces because they make me feel like a rockstar.
I'm thankful for the color pink. Love it...
I'm thankful for ESPN RedZone channel. It makes me kinda like watching football plus, it give me snuggle time with the hubba bubba. 
I'm thankful for the words 'I love you' and how they can melt your heart when they come from the right person.
I'm thankful I'm pretty. I've got some wrinkles, some stretch marks, uneven skin tone, eczema and some extra pounds but, I still feel pretty when I see myself in the mirror.
I'm thankful for those that accept me the way I am.
I'm thankful for my playful spirit.
I'm thankful I'm organized. Honestly, who loves clutter??
I'm thankful for glitter and bling.
I'm thankful for quality time. It's hard to come across these days but, that makes it even more special.
I'm thankful for my birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, our anniversary, Christmas and New Year's because I get super VIP mega-queen treatment on these days.
I'm thankful for massages and my hunk of a hubby for giving them to me. Ahh... it's like being rocked to sleep.
I'm thankful I'm creative and that other people actually think so, not just me.
I'm thankful for health insurance. Absolute necessity for a hypochondriac.
I'm thankful for DVR. Otherwise, I'd be watching a lot more paid programming during the night.
I'm thankful for Target, All a Dollar, Old Navy, Home Depot, Maurices, Hobby Lobby and yes, even Wal-Mart for feeding my shopping addiction.
Last but not least, I'm thankful to be alive for this holiday season. Something about the holidays reminds you to not take life for granted and to live to the fullest.

There it is. I'm a dork but, I hope you enjoyed!



TIRED!!! Joe and I have been total zombies lately. People must think we are terrible parents with all of the complaining we do. I've done this whole 'newborn' thing before and it was not like this the first time around. Baby Josie is the biggest cat-napper, it's awful. When she wakes up we change her, feed her and rock her (usually for about 30-45 minutes) to get her to sleep. Once we stand up from the rocking chair she starts to wiggle around in your arms so you have to bounce her for a few minutes before you can lay her down. When you finally lay her down, its about 45 minutes until she wakes up. Ugh, I would give anything to have her sleep in longer increments. Kade has been so great about waiting until she is sleeping to play games, eat, etc. It's so nice that he is understanding and he gets that we are busy. Luckily, Josie's screaming has calmed down to about every other day now which is really helpful but, still exhausting nonetheless. We've had many friends and family help out so we can get some sleep but, its so hard because once we get five seconds alone we want to talk and hang out because we don't do much of that anymore...  I miss my hubs, even though I spend most of my day with him.

We FINALLY got a sleeping system worked out now. Joe sleeps from 10 PM - 6 AM. I'm pretty much nocturnal because I sleep from about 7 AM until noonish. I don't require much sleep, I just ask that my sleep is in a solid block. The crappy part is that I start work in a week and we'll have to figure out a new plan... argh!

If anyone has any tips on getting babies to sleep longer let me know because we're struggling!


Never thought I'd say this...

Sunday is my new favorite day. Our TV in our room has NFL RedZone. Don't like football so much but, I love that Joe and I get to snuggle in bed... it seems like that's our only husband and wife time. Jos and Kade don't seem to mind it either. Kade loves pajama days and Jos hates having her clothes changed so it kinda works out for everyone! 


Wedding Anniversary

Today is our second anniversary. I cannot believe two whole years have gone by, CRAZY! Life goes fast when everyday is better than the last. Everyday I look at him, I remember the day we started dating and still get those same butterflies. We've learned that marriage isn't only about how madly in love you are through the good times but how strongly committed you are through the bad ones. I often wonder how I got such an awesome husband but, today I realized it's because I'm kind of a rockin' wife and we fit together perfectly!

Our day started out with a little trip down south to watch BYU stomp UNLV. We kind of knew it would be a blowout but, it was fun to go on a little date. It was our first one since baby Jos was born... PS - thank you LeighAnne, you are the best!! Once we got home from the game we took Jos to her next babysitter, Dani (thank you Dani). Then we had some yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse and went to see Social Network. All in all, it was a way fun day. I love dating my husband and being his girlfriend and not just his ball and chain.

So right now I'd like to thank my man for loving me, helping me, dealing with me, taking care of our family, standing beside me and loving me unconditionally. Most importantly I'd like to thank him for being my very best friend and promising to love me forever and ever and ever and ever!!
Right after we said 'I do' waiting for picture time to start...
Our bestest friend in the world, A-Dog giving us the best toast EVER!
One of my favorite pictures of our wedding day... I'm surprised there weren't any injuries!


Hospital Bills

 My Bill
Josie's Bill

This doesn't include the anesthesiologist or the doctor's charges!! Ahhh! Are you kidding me?