Festival of Trees

We went to Festival of Trees on Saturday to watch my little four year old niece perform with her dance group. Brynn was really good at being on stage however, she decided that choreography was for the birds so she posed for pictures instead! Priceless! 

After the performance, we took Kade over to play games in the kid zone. He had so much fun! It's been a long time since he got one on one attention in a kid-friendly environment. He loves arts and crafts at preschool so he was in hog heaven. He asked me today if we could go back tomorrow... so cute. 

I wish we could have stayed all day but, we had to escape the awkwardness... Saturday was pretty much a big reunion. We saw Joe's entire family at the festival, which I partly expected since they go every year. It was nice to see them but, it was also a bittersweet reminder of how they have shunned us from their lives. Kinda stings but, if Joe and I have learned nothing else it's that we know who has our backs and who we can really call family. We saw and I talked to Joe's ex wife. I knew she was going to be there and we debated not going but, I figured that after three years we should all be over our differences.

Fun day all in all but, we were happy to come home and play games with some folks. Plus, I'm not sure I know anyone else that played hide and seek this weekend and had the kind of laughs that we had!! Love Jake and LeighAnne, yep I do!